Why Celtic Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style

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Centuries ago, in the land of Wales, Celtic jewelry made its first appearance in Europe and has since expanded worldwide. This jewelry has a unique appearance that is very simple but memorable because of its sinuous style. Often times Celtic crosses are considered the staple representation of this type of jewelry. Below we have detailed some Celtic jewelry that you might find very interesting.
One widespread example of jewelry that has its origin in Ireland is the Celtic cross. This type of cross can be recognized by the distinctive circle in the middle; there may also be the unmistakable Celtic knot used to decorate it. In Ireland and neighboring countries you’ll find Celtic crosses are quite common. This is a design that’s sometimes worn for its spiritual significance, but many people like it just for aesthetic reasons. The most common form of jewelry you can find using a Celtic cross is a necklace, but it can also appear in other types of jewelry, such as bracelets or earrings. You can wear a Celtic cross to display your Celtic heritage or simply because you like the design.

Another symbol that is typically linked with Ireland is the shamrock, taken from the white clover, a plant which has three leaves. The history of Saint Patrick teaches that he was the one who brought the shamrock to Ireland, and that is why they come out on Saint Patrick’s day.

Celtic jewelry, with the shamrock, is important for more than Saint Patrick’s day. One thing people use jewelry for is as pendants, and many of those pendants are shamrocks.

The popularity of Celtic jewelry overlaps with the popularity of silver, which is the favored metal for this style of jewelry. While you can find Celtic jewelry in gold, titanium and other metals, silver has long been the traditional choice. Silver, meanwhile, now enjoys a renewed popularity, among everyone from ordinary people to celebrities. For the average person, part of its appeal is that it’s more affordable than gold. There’s an elegance and sheen to silver that’s uniquely its own. A Celtic design such as a spiral, knot or cross can make for an exquisite piece of silver jewelry. Anyone who appreciates silver can find many great designs that are based on the Celtic tradition.

Celtic jewelry is a big world that you can get lost in exploring the many possibilities. The nice thing about Celtic jewelry is how it can be exotic and fascinating, and at the same time can be simple. Whatever your preferences and needs are, that will be the determining factor in what kinds of jewelry you will want to look for. But Celtic knotwork and other designs of this tradition can be made into jewelry that’s appropriate for just about any purpose.